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Interactive Bench

The Interactive Bench is designed for people to conversate and collaborate with each other. The bench pieces can rotate for people to have the freedom to create their own experience. They may choose to use one of backrest pieces or arms for comfort.

It is made from MDF, Formica Laminates and Formica Solid Surface pieces for easy cleanability. Working well in locations like a library, coffee shop and other public spaces. 

Initial Ideas about Furniture Piece 

Multi-functional seat and shelf / Bench with rotating pieces.

Image doc of scketches_Page_1.jpg
Image doc of scketches_Page_3.jpg
Image doc of scketches_Page_2.jpg

Model Materials: Wood, Foam Core Board

Final Drawings.2.8.21 copy DRAWING BOARD_Page_1.jpg
Final Drawings.2.8.21 copy DRAWING BOARD_Page_2.jpg
calhoon page_edited.jpg
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